10 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice On Starting A Business

As of today, I have interviewed over 20 amazing female entrepreneurs. It was great to hear their stories and challenges along the way. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from these fantastic ladies and I hope their stories inspire you, help you understand some of the hurdles from both female and business perspective and provide you with the insight, suggestions, and guidance you need to do the same!

I have decided to sum up the 10 most inspiring pieces of advice given by our amazing interviewees to help you start a business on the right track:


Italia Elena Hernandez

Marketing Copywriter

Italia Elena FB Ads copy

No matter what anyone’s social media posts tell you, there’s no such thing as sustainable, overnight success when you begin working for yourself. And sometimes, progress happens so slowly you’re going to question what you’re doing and if it’s all worth it!

Try to be patient, take every experience in stride, learn from your mistakes and accomplishments, and when the going gets rough (and it WILL get rough), stay connected to the reason you wanted to start your own business in the first place.

For me, it was knowing that I wanted freedom above all else, and I don’t have what it takes to be truly happy in a 9-5 job.

My final tip: Ask for support. People are more willing to help than you think, and you don’t have to go on this journey alone!


Susan Banhegyi

Founder at Crypto Women Global

Susan Banhegyi

Build your resilience, as nothing is more certain than change. Train yourself not to be afraid of change. This might be the most valuable asset anyone can cultivate.

Many people have a fear of change because they are afraid to be pushed out of their comfort zone. Fear of change suggests that you are convinced that any change is bad for you. Perhaps the most common fear associated with change is the fear of failure.

However, the only way to avoid failure is never to do anything at all but to live as a spectator on the sidelines, which leads to being left behind and unfulfilled.

Failing is the best mechanism for us to learn valuable lessons and is part of the learning curve. When we make mistakes, we inevitably learn from them, making adjustments, and improving ourselves along the way.

I founded Crypto Women Global because I see how women everywhere are drawing the short straw in so many areas of our society, be it in the form of gender pay gaps, discrimination, or harassment at work.


Deanna Jones

Founder at Jones Adventure Marketing

Deanna Jones

Don’t make the mistake of being too proud to do it all yourself. Yes, you probably can, but the stress and time you will waste trying to do it all yourself is SOOO not worth it.

Do research, figure out what you will need, take advantage of free consults as you can get them and save up the money to hire pros.

You will spend less doing it right the first time than trying to get cheap and redoing it later. Also, your mental health is worth more than what you’d spend to get the help you need.

Someone wise told me,

“Every hour you spend not hiring someone to take care of the tasks you don’t NEED to handle is money you’re LOSING.

By letting others handle the day to day, you can focus your energy on the tasks that you can do to MAKE MORE MONEY.”


Chiara Magni

Italian painter

Chiara Magni art

The challenges are always there and never-ending. Funny enough I can now tell that all of the barriers and stops where self-created and not so real but all in my mind.

The bigger challenge was giving myself time, enough time to understand that everything was going in the right direction, to keep up and not giving up, enough time to really get in touch with the inner self and just put it on canvas!

You need to SEE, ENVISION and FOCUS on what you want to achieve, then work on it like CRAAAZY!

It is not easy and nobody will help you for free, you need to fight and never give up, but never stop having fun, HAVE a LOT of FUN while you make your dream come true.


Cyn Meadows

Founder at 7FigureDNA

Cyn Meadows

Be fearless and confident that you CAN be successful regardless of what others say.

Unfortunately, sometimes our inner circle is the least supportive when you start a new business.

Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that are excelling in the field you want to break into and learn everything you can. Then take massive action to move boldly ahead!

We live in a time now where starting a business is easy and affordable, thanks to the internet.


Katie Thompson

Founder at Modern Darling Media

Katie Thompson

I spent the first eight months learning, making connections, making mistakes, and trying out new things. I needed that time to explore and try my hand at everything I was passionate about. Eventually, I felt confident enough and had enough experience to really nail down what I wanted this business to be.

You might hear about these “overnight success” stories but that’s a myth. Most of these business owners have been working for years before they reached that level of success.

So, be patient, continue to challenge yourself and don’t compare your journey or timeline to anyone else.


Dana Ohana

Founder at Think Big. Be Big. Do Big. Consulting

Dana Ohana

Never give up on your dreams. Although it is not going to be easy and there will be some challenges along the way, always keep on pushing for what you want in life.

Remind yourself that rejection is redirection. Every rejection you experience in life from a potential client, bank, friend, partner or anyone saying no to you, consider as a gift. 

I know it is not easy and sounds weird, but they are just redirecting you to a better place, to the place you are meant to be in, although you can’t see it at the moment.

Never give up, it’s up to you which story you want to tell and share so choose the one that will make you happy and lead you to success.

Also, get the right people around you, those who will support you and constantly remind you of how amazing you are and what your capabilities are, so that giving up is not an option!


Karin Richey

Founder at Plethos productions

Karin Richey

Our commitment is to performances that accurately reflect the beautifully diverse community that we live in. Our mission is to use theatre as a tool to unite communities and allow everyone to meaningfully participate.

Starting a business requires you to be an even balance between a dreamer, a manager and a do-er.

If you only want to do one of those, get 2 other people before you even begin.


Dawn Kennedy

Founder at Entre Money Coach

Dawn Kennedy

Have your money sh*t together from the start! 

Pay yourself a paycheck, even if it’s ten bucks, don’t live out of the till. Keep everything separate and treat your business as a business.

My other advice, get into places, groups, and circles of other entrepreneurs. We are often the “odd” ones in the family, and we have to stick together!

I have siblings that are nurses and teachers, and that’s all fine, but it’s not me and they don’t “get” me.

Find your tribe of other ambitious, creative, service-minded, and impact making entrepreneurs.


Kela Smith

Founder at Coach Kela's health and life coaching LLC

nutrition coaching

Not just “eating healthy” but intentionally eating for fertility. I tested the method on myself and had success and have been testing it with every client as well. It works!

Just do it. Don’t be scared. You have so much to give and the world needs you.

Take it day by day and 1 step at a time and do something every day that moves you forward in your business and in your life.

Life is short and you need to just go for it and don’t be scared. You got this.

I hope you enjoyed the best 10 pieces of advice by our amazing female entrepreneurs.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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