Why I Started The Biz Ladies

It has been almost 2 months since I launched the Biz Ladies, an online platform where women empower women by sharing their stories. So, I believe it is the right time to share with you why I decided to start this project. 

The truth is that I had this idea on my mind for some time now but I really didn’t know how I could put it into practice. After some months struggling to discover the best format for the Biz Ladies, I’m really happy as it turned out. 

I have always loved everything that was related to entrepreneurship since I believe that we can all make our dreams come true. No matter where you are, where you come from, and what you have around you. It is just a matter of wanting, believing, and a lot of persistence. 

The reasons I started the Biz Ladies


I Love Entrepreneurship

As I just mentioned, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship in general. And I’m not only talking about the success stories that we all hear and read about. The reality is that even the stories that don’t have a happy ending also show us something. We can learn from them as well. 


I Love People

I’m passionate about people and I love to understand why female entrepreneurs started their businesses. And the truth is that you never know how their success story started unless you ask. And this is my goal. While some female entrepreneurs have always wanted to do this their entire life, others kind of stumbled on it. And this just makes life incredibly interesting.


I Like Listening to the Real People

When most people think of success stories, they tend to think of Oprah Winfrey, for example. After all, who doesn’t know Oprah? However, most of the time, we just don’t take the time to see and look at what is around us every single day. From the brick and mortar shop to the grocery store you usually go, to the coffee shop that has that amazing latte or the ice cream shop that your kids love.

Success stories don’t need to be linked only to billionaires; we have success stories near us and we don’t pay attention to them. And these are the kinds of success stories from women entrepreneurs that you’ll be reading here. 


To Get Inspiration

We all need to find things that inspire us to move forward. In my case, my inspiration comes from female entrepreneurs that show me their paths. They show me their obstacles but also how they overcome them. Some were easy, others tougher. That’s a path, a journey, and they embraced it. And this surely inspires me to improve every day. 


To Inspire Others

When you read our female entrepreneurs’ interviews, I hope that you can get touched and inspired by their success stories. We all know that women still tend to be linked to inferior jobs and not top positions. Unfortunately, there is still the myth that we can’t be a parent and be good at what we do professionally. But these success stories that we are sharing with you prove otherwise. So, I truly hope that you can also inspire others by sharing them.

So, I hope to see you here often and thank you for all your support.