The Journey of a Visionary: From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Prerna Sinha’s story is an inspiring tale of a woman who dared to step out of her comfort zone to find her true calling. This is a recount of her journey from the confines of corporate jobs to the liberating world of entrepreneurship.

1. A Brief on Prerna’s Background

Prerna initially pursued a degree in history from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi, followed by an MBA in HR & Marketing. For over a decade, she held HR roles in top MNCs, honing her skills across different industries. She was instrumental in enhancing team productivity and setting up efficient structures and processes in various start-ups. Her expertise lies in HR processes, organizational development, content creation, conference crafting, event production, team leadership, and influencing organizational cultures.

In 2017, Prerna became a mother and found herself struggling to balance her high-pressure job with her new role as a parent. Realizing the toll it was taking on her physical and mental health, she made the courageous decision to transition from HR to entrepreneurship. In 2019, she launched her own brand, Urbane Essence, which has been a thrilling journey since then.

A multi-faceted personality, Prerna also enjoys travelling and learning languages. She holds a proficiency in Spanish, German, English, and Hindi. In addition, she is actively involved in social work, particularly with organizations that cater to children and women.

2. Prerna’s Achievements

Among Prerna’s many accomplishments, the most notable one is the successful launch of her start-up, Urbane Essence. Within just 15 days of its launch, the brand received overwhelming response from all across the globe. Urbane Essence stands for making women fall in love with themselves, overcoming body shaming, and embracing their femininity.

In addition to her entrepreneurial success, Prerna has also been a top performer in all organizations she has worked for. In one of her previous roles, she received the ‘Change Agent’ Award for bringing about a significant change in the organization’s culture and structure.

3. Business Principles that Guide Prerna

Prerna believes in three core business principles:

  • Working towards a Vision – For Prerna, having a clear and ambitious vision is crucial. It helps her navigate through obstacles and keeps her focused on her goals.
  • Valuing People over Process – Prerna values people as much as she values her own life. She believes in giving respect, appreciating individuals, and helping them reach their full potential.
  • Prioritizing Relationships – Prerna considers her relationships with customers, vendors, employees, and peers to be of utmost importance. For her, nurturing these relationships is as critical as business strategies.

4. Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Prerna admits that entrepreneurship is not without its challenges. There are risks, uncertainties, and the constant fear of failure. However, she maintains that pushing beyond these fears is what leads to success. She advises other entrepreneurs to always keep a reality check and focus on the financials of the business.

5. Standing Out in the Digital World

In the age of digital marketing, Prerna believes that the only way to stand out is by effectively utilizing all available tools. Her brand, Urbane Essence, strives to resonate with its target audience by creating conversations and providing excellent customer service.

6. Learning from Mistakes

Prerna confesses that one of her biggest mistakes was trying to achieve perfection in everything, at the cost of losing focus on sales. She now realizes that timing is critical in business and that all business decisions must prioritize the bottom line.

7. Prerna’s Key to Success

Prerna attributes her success to a combination of hard work, determination, and a clear vision. She believes in constantly striving to improve and learning from past mistakes.

8. Prerna’s Definition of Success

For Prerna, success means leading a happy, joyful, and peaceful life where she can enjoy both her work and personal life.

9. Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Prerna is excited about the future of her start-up. With Urbane Essence, she aims to combine her love for sarees and her passionate desire to run her own venture. Her endeavor is a tribute to all women, encouraging them to love and embrace themselves.

10. Conclusion

Prerna Sinha’s journey from corporate to entrepreneurship is a testament to her resilience and determination. Her story serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to dream big and take the leap of faith towards their true calling.