Female Role Models: Call for Contribution

Who is Your Female Role Model in the Biz World?

The Biz Ladies is all about women empowering women to become entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers.

We highlight women entrepreneurs around the world and share their stories – how they started, how they grew, what was the idea behind, their greatest challenges, achievements and more.

As our platform is growing more each day, we felt the need to highlight some of the great women out there and celebrate them as our female role models.

For that reason, we have introduced short stories about female role models from the business world.

Our female role model is ANY woman entrepreneur from around the world you can look up to. She’s an everyday woman who makes a difference, whether it is in the little things she does in her everyday business life or the grand things made in public. 

We want to celebrate her achievements, to learn from her and inspire others with her story.

We want to hear from you! We want to know who is your female role model in the Biz World. Please send us a short story about her and a photo or share your story and we will create a post celebrating her or you as the Biz Ladies female role model.

Please email us to [email protected].

Check out our female role models stories here: