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If you are a female entrepreneur and would like to be featured on the Biz Ladies, you can do so by being interviewed or by writing a blog post.

Getting featured on the Biz Ladies is a great way of getting your story heard and your business seen. Additionally, you have the opportunity to build your network and inspire other women entrepreneurs and the ones who are just starting out.



By getting your content in front of the Biz Ladies audience will mean a lot of exposure for your business and services.


We promote our content on different communities, social networks and our mailing list. Getting your business and services in front of our audience can lead to many new customers.


Our interviews, blog posts and other content can contain any number of backlinks. Your backlinks will improve your SEO and help you rank your site on Google.

the Biz Ladies interviews


Every week we publish interviews with successful female entrepreneurs. We ask them how they started and grew their business, strategies they used, biggest challenges and achievements, their plans for future and to provide advice for other ladies who are just starting out.

  • You need to have a business that is making some revenue, be willing to share your story and be transparent.
  • Interviews are 10-15 questions long and conducted through Google Forms.
  • Interviews are published in your own wording but we reserve the right to edit for grammar, readability and for the meaning.
  • Once you accept our Interview Policy and submit your interview to the Biz Ladies we reserve the right to use, reuse and refer to it.
the Biz Ladies blog


Write a blog post – a story, a guide, recommendations, or anything you want to write about as long as it’s related to the Biz Ladies topics. We will share your guest post on different communities, social networks and our mailing list and we advise you to do the same to reach more audience.

  • Articles should be original and not previously published (we use Grammarly plagiarism checker).
  • They should consist of at least 500 words (or at least 200 if you are providing an infographic).
  • Topics should be related to business, psychological and personal development.
  • Please include any relevant images.
  • We accept articles only in Word format.